Hotaru-an, Miyama, KYOTO
Hotaru-an, Miyama, KYOTO

What is HOTARU-AN?

“HOTARU-AN” is the Japanese traditional thatched roof residence which is located at the base of the hill close to the clear stream Yura-River. It was built in the early Meiji era, and it is also known as the homestead architecture which tells the dignity of village headman by its size.

The residence and the forest around here was very desolated with the passage of time. Around 1970, TAMURA KEISEI(the owner of HOTARU-AN) met this residence and he started to repair little by little. Now it has been regained the appearance of bygone days. There is worth a repair, the main house, a godown, a garden gate, and the fence were designated as tangible cultural property of the country in 2008.

Quaint historic thatched house with commodious earthen floor, living room, study/drawing room, and Irori(open hearth) will let visitors feel the nostalgia and warmth of the heart. As we would like you to feel the great Miyama farm village culture, we made this place as an accommodation facility from 2014.

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Using "Kyoto Jukan Highway"

Take Route 9 heading to the west and get on the Kyoto Jukan Highway bound for Tamba. Get off the highway at Tamba exit and turn right at the light. Take route 27 bound for Ayabe/Maizuru at Suchi intersection. Across Yura-bridge and turn right at the light bound for Miyama-cho(prefectural road No.12). Drive along the road about 10km and pass by the Ohno elementary school. Soon you will see HOTARU-AN on your right side. It is located on the base of the hill.

Through Keihou-cho

Take Route 162 bound for Obama(Fukui Pref.) until you see the big red bridge, and turn left at the light then drive along the road. At Shizuhara intersection, turn left and it will be Route 12. Drive along the road again and you will see the gas station on your left side. Now, HOTARU-AN is close to you and it will be on your left. It is located on the base of the hill. If you pass by the Ohno elementary school, you are going too far.
The national road(route 12) in front of HOTARU-AN is chosen as a Landscape Trail of Japan and is called "Miyama Kayabuki Yurari Road"